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Action Figure Archive with Steve McLean

Steve McLean

Join Steve as he takes a fun look at the toys of his childhood. You might be surprised how they look through adult eyes. Rediscover your faves, from He-Man, Transformers, Star Wars and many more (three!).
The hit show of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 comes to Watford. ''A hilarious walk down memory lane''/Top 10 Best Shows of the Edinburgh Fringe (The Glasgow Herald), ''A fun examination of nostalgia and nerdiness''/Top 10 Best Shows of the Edinburgh Fringe for Every Taste (Wired Magazine), "Geeks and nerds unite in this fun show"/Top Ten Geeky Edinburgh Fringe Shows (The Geek List).
Event Details
55 mins
d20 Board Game Cafe

Contains adult language Contains adult language

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1 October 6.00pm

d20 Board Game Cafe

Full: £6

Conc: £6


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