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Play… In Your Bathtub 2.0

This Is Not A Theatre Company

This Is Not A Theatre Company is pleased to present its live, site-specific, participatory, multi-sensory Play in Your Bathtub 2.0.
Named one of the Top 5 Immersive Companies in NYC, This Is Not a Theatre Company now brings their work into people’s bathtubs to promote playful self-care through creativity. Play In Your Bathtub 2.0 has been performed in over 34 countries and has been translated into Russian and (Argentine) Spanish. It was featured in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the International Theatre Festival of Buenos Aires.
Event Details
25 mins
Watford Fringe Virtual Online venue
Streaming option available Streaming option available

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Available from 30 September to 2 October

Watford Fringe Virtual Online venue

Full: £5

Conc: £3

Streaming tickets available


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