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The Collab

Aequitas Theatre Company

Ella Blair is a rising star in the online video scene. Together with the help of her friend, Kat Daniels, a budding fashion photographer, Ella's building a platform around sustainable fashion. When an opportunity arises to "collab" with superstar influencer Max Jessup on his latest video art project, Ella jumps headlong into it...but at what cost?
Aequitas dives into a multimedia look at fame, friendship, and the #MeToo movement in the online sphere.
The Collab is a look at the world of art and online video, consent, and the grey areas we still need to define.
Event Details
110 mins
Pump House Theatre

Contains nudity Contains nudity
Contains adult language Contains adult language

More info on:

2 October 8.45pm

Pump House Theatre

Full: £12

Conc: £10


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