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A location like no other in Watford, Amanartis is located at a newly restored chapel situated within the beautiful grounds of Vicarage Road Cemetery. No longer used for services, the Chapel has been given new life as a mixed use destination for all things creative in Watford. The central area can be arranged to create a standing area for up to 40 people standing and 25 seated. The building lends its self to acoustic and acapella acts. Parking and facilities available.
Note: On entry through the gates, if travelling by car, drive past the house on the right and park anyway along allowing enough room for other cars to pass. If arriving on foot, enter the gates, turn left and walk past the War Memorial, then turn right and proceed up the tree lined path.
Venue Details
Telephone: 07968783760
The Chapel in the Cemetery
Vicarage Road Cemetery, Vicarage Road


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